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Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair Service

Corrosion and wear repair is our specialty!

The Canadian winters are brutal on our automobiles. Rain, salt, snow, sand and slush all take their toll on our cars' undersides and bodies. Over time, salt and water will rust panel seams and welds, bubbling, chipping and discolouring paint and weakening the structure of your car, requiring repair.

Fortunately, the experts at Moss Auto Body can help! We will inspect, assess and quote the repairs at no charge. If we repair your car, we will remove the rusted parts and areas, rebuild them with new materials, shape and restore those areas, prime and match the paint perfectly, ultimately returning your car to its original look and shine. Why buy a new car when our repairs look flawless and can save you many thousands of dollars?

Call us today for an estimate at (613) 342-9214, contact us by email, or come on down to our location. If you are unable to travel, we'd be happy to shuttle you to and from our location at:

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